Our Word, Picture and Project services can be tailored or packaged and scaled up or scaled down to meet your needs, your budget and your timeline.


We don't do lock-in contracts and we're happy to do small one-off tasks. 


Most of our communication and work with you is completed online, but we're very happy to talk by phone and face-to-face when you need us to.


Our writing, editing and proofreading services will save you time and and give the polish and shine you're looking for - online, on paper or anywhere else you want to look great.

  • Proofreading - checking text, spelling and punctuation errors, fixing incorrect or clunky grammar, checking hyphenation, treatment of key terms, formatting etc including website microcopy, web-links and visual components such as pictures, diagrams and charts.

  • Editing - reviewing outline, editing text - creation of style guides, improving structure, content, language, style and presentation, checking sequencing and lists, checking headlines, checking transitions.

  • Website Microcopy - checking the text on buttons, labels and instructions in fields/error boxes -  this is the text where users interact with your website.

  • Social Media Posts - checking your news/blog posts and social media posts and listings before publication to catch errors and fine-tune your writing.

  • Online Newsletters and email campaigns - writing, building, editing or proofreading your online newsletter or email campaign.

  • Short Term Accommodation listings - writing or polishing the text and descriptions for your listing and guest communication templates on short stay accommodation sites (AirBnB, etc). We can also produce friendly and informative online or on paper Guest Books (and we can help you set up channel managers such as Your Porter).


  • Business or Technical documents - writing or polishing your strategic plan, job descriptions, subcommittee terms of reference, policies and procedures, e-books, project and sponsorship proposals, media releases, grant applications, tenders, quotes, instructions, constitution, speeches, minutes, annual reports, training plans, templates and forms etc. We can arrange your information to make it easy-peasy for you and your users. 

  • Online surveys - designing and building online surveys for staff, customers, volunteers and members or anyone whose views are important to you.

  • Fact Checking -  checking the accuracy of information presented as fact and checking references or quotes against original sources.


Good writing is great, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • We can make end-to-end process maps, edu-graphics, flow charts, organisation charts, mind-maps and other diagrams, images, animated greetings cards and short explainer videos to convey your message, ideas, workflow or instructions.


  • We can produce simple logos or designs for your business, programs or projects. 


  • We're information designers, but if your project really needs a graphic designer, we can source one for you - and, if you prefer, we can work with them on your behalf.


We loooove organising - people, projects, systems... we can help you get it sorted - on paper or online and occasionally in person. If you're not sure where to start and don't have the time to figure it out, contact us!


If you want to make sure you're not left behind, and if you want to reap the full benefits the digital world can offer small businesses and organisations, contact us. We'll give you strictly independent advice about which systems and platforms will best match your unique needs and your budget.   

We can set everything up for you and we'll hold your hand until you can confidently self manage your new super-duper organised systems, or we can provide regular assistance, or we can be on the end of a keyboard or phone only when you need help. You decide. 

You can out-source to us the work you don't have the time, interest, energy, confidence or skill to do in-house.