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Our speciality is working with small and medium sized community based organisations. Please contact Kate to discuss how we can help your Club or group. Go here for more information about the updated version of Just a Tick.

Achieving good governance (corporate governance, responsible governance - same thing, different name) is easy to say but not always so easy to do for volunteer-led organisations in a complex and ever-changing world. Committees and Boards must ensure they're complying with the law, they need to be focussed on achieving the organisation's current goals and they need to be looking ahead to future challenges and opportunities. Staff and volunteers need to know they've got the plans, resources and people around them to get their job done. And they need to know the Board has got their back.


We can help you develop or review your organisation's three or five year Strategic Plan. We can work with you to design a full 360 degree review process or we can design a simpler quicker process that still captures the thoughts and ideas of your most important stakeholders.


We can help you develop or review the processes and templates you use for developing your annual Operational Plan. And if you want to ensure that all the plans in your organisation are aligned, we can develop or review the processes and templates you use for your Project Plans and for the Work Plans of your key people.


We can help with developing or reviewing your Organisation Chart, Document Map, Role Descriptions, Terms of Reference, Code of Conduct, Policies, List of Delegations and other critical documents. We can help you review or amend or replace your Constitution (and we can help you organise the necessary Special General Meetings etc and register the changes with Consumer and Business Affairs).


If you're suffering from Meetings Bloody Meetings syndrome, let us help. We can review the structure and processes of your meetings to make them both more productive and more fulfilling for everyone. Yep. We can!

Sometimes organisations find themselves in a tricky situation where personalities or circumstances mean that the Board or Committee meetings are bogged down with complications. We can help by acting as an independent chairperson/facilitator to get you through the situation (and we'll help you work out how to avoid it happening again).


We can provide low cost, high impact training on governance topics tailored to a particular organisation or for groups of organisations. We also work closely with Clubs SA to provide training for both licenced and unlicenced Clubs as part of their Club Development Program.


We have a range of templates and tools that we can (usually) quickly adapt to your needs. We can either provide the template or tool for a small fee, or we can help you tweak it to meet your organisation's specific needs.


Sometimes organisations need a trusted external person who understands governance (and the requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act) and tricky situations and can quietly help the organisation work out what to do in a particular circumstance. Call Kate. If we can help, we will. 

We can help with the governance activities you don't have the time, confidence or skill to do in-house. 

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