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Liquorice Allsorts is Kate McPhee (Reynolds) and the occasional subject-expert associate.

The 4-Hour Work Week advocated by Tim Ferris is waaaay out of my league, but I take very seriously his advice to focus on actually being productive rather than constantly being busy. After a twenty-plus years of self employment (across varied sectors, underpinned by multiple interests and good dollop of old fashioned curiosity), I'd had enough of working jam-packed weeks trying to change the world one policy or training program or organisational review at a time. So I redesigned my business so that I can work remotely as much as possible.

Interest + Skills + Opportunity = The Sweet Spot!


I'm fortunate to be able to work on projects where I can use my mixed bag of knowledge, skills and experiences and, at the same time, enjoy a better work-life balance. 


Liquorice Allsorts (gettit?!) is a range of  mostly 'back room' services, which free my clients up to focus on the frontline of their team or business or organisation.

​My aim is to develop a personal, in-depth understanding of your operations and organisational needs in order to make achieving your objectives and your success my first priority.

My business model is simple - usually I charge an hourly fee which varies according to the complexity of the work required for each task or project. We'll agree upfront what I'll do for you, and with no lock-in contracts, that means you pay only for what is necessary to get the job done or the problem solved. 

Sometimes, an all-inclusive fixed price quote for a certain types of projects gives the right mix of predictability and flexibility we all need.

For some projects or tasks (and only after discussion with you) I'll bring in an associate with expertise matched to your particular requirements, but I'll still be the human you're dealing with.

If you want to know more about my work history, go here - but only if you really don't have anything better to do. Instead, I'd recommend you spend the time making contact with me so we can work out how I can help you and your business or organisation work smarter, not harder... 

(BTW - Your personal, organisation and business information will be held solely by

Liquorice Allsorts Online - no information is ever disclosed or shared without your consent.)

ABN 79952645522

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