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In the Kitchen

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I love my work, but, just between you and me - it's not always a barrel of laughs. So I decided to put a big dollop of fun into my business.

I love food. I love eating food, talking about food, reading about food, poring over recipes, preparing food, cooking food, taking photos of food. I love eating at home, and I love eating out - provided the food that goes in my mouth is fresh, wholesome and attractive. All things food is my happy place. (Except grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is. not. fun.)

And I love Thelma. Thelma is my extra pair of hands in the kitchen. I bought Thelma1 in 2013 when my right hand was crippled with RSI from over-using a computer. She changed my life. In 2020 when the world went crazy, I became one of those 'make sourdough at home' people. (I figured that if I was going to eat bread 2-3 times every day it needed to be good bread that didn't cost the GDP of a small country.) At a sourdough workshop I was introduced to the amaaaazing Thermomix® TM6, and my world changed again. Cooking with Thelma2 became the highlight of my day, every day! 

Except in emergencies, our household doesn't like processed or pre-packaged food. We want to know where our food has come from, how it was grown or made and I want to know the good and the bad of exactly what's in it. (Yes - my curiosity gets the better of me so I'm THAT person in the restaurant, asking the waiter to pretty please ask the chef what those little orange flecks on the side of the plate are.) If you're cooking or eating a special diet, the ingredients on lots of packets are often a total mystery and if, like me, you want to know what you are putting into your body, it’s great to have the freedom to create your own pantry items and make complete dishes from beginning to end. With this magic machine it’s a lot of fun!


I like cooking for myself, but I love love love cooking for (and with) other people.  One thing led to another and now my fabulous fun job is sharing the Thermomix love in home and small commercial kitchens. If you love cooking, hate cooking or don't have time to cook, if you want to add some excitement to your weekly menu, if you want to reduce your weekly food bill, if you (or someone you cook for) can't eat egg or dairy or gluten, if you want to declutter your kitchen, or you want to learn how to cook good food from scratch, contact me! 

I run Test Drive A Thermomix sessions in our kitchen on Unley Road in SA or I can come to you, or you can have a virtual test drive over Zoom from anywhere in Australia. (I know, virtual cooking sounds weird, but so does Liquorice Icecream, and let me tell you, liquorice icecream is delllllllicious!).


You can peek at my food adventures with the world's original and best all-in-one super kitchen machine on Facebook or Instagram.




Independent Thermomix Consultant

ID # 122780

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